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Full-wave three-dimensional analysis software.

By EMC Engineers For EMC Engineers
   Based on the Finite-Difference Time-Domain method, EZ-EMC brings the full power of electromagnetics to solve complex EMI/EMC real-world problems for any frequency ranges that your application demands.
Eliminate guessing for critical problems
Eliminates rule of thumb uncertainty
Provides insight, confidence and solutions
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Announcing Version 2.2 of EZ-EMC
A general purpose introductory electromagnetic FDTD modeling/simulation tool

Features include everything in the EZ-EMC 2.1 plus :

  • Faster load and play for large FDTD animation files
  • The ability to output FDTD animations into *.avi files for use with other applications or on other computers


  • Shielding Analysis
  • Gasket perfromance Analysis
  • Cavity and Shielded Box Resonance
  • Heatsink emissions analysis
  • Grounding Analysis
  • Susceptibility Analysis
  • Board Emissions
  • Ferrite Filter Analysis
  • Antenna Applications
  • Test Site Analysis
  • (OATS, GTEM, Anechoic Room, etc.)
  • and much more!
EZ-EMC functionality
  • Three-Dimensional modeling
  • Full-wave modeling
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP platform
  • Powerful animation
  • Time domain or frequency domain results
  • Electric and magnetic fields
EMI/EMC Computational Modeling for Real World Engineering Problems Seminar
Emi/Emc Computational Modeling Handbook